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Map Have you been working with a couple and feel like they've plateaued? Stuck? Perhaps they don't complete homework, or a new betrayal has arisen. They've lost motivation, or have fallen back to hopelessness? Scratching your head not knowing what to do next or where the couple needs to go from here? 

Regardless, you know in your heart that they need a shock to their system to get back on track?  I can help provide that direction to the couple and to you!

My Private Couples Retreats are often perfect for such couples. A Retreat condenses 6-15 months of counseling into just a few days. If your couple is stuck, this will get some movement. 

This is where you, the primary, refer them to specialized surgical procedure to treat their ailment, and then continue their work post-op.

Please know that I am not in the business of poaching your clients. While many clients come to me reporting feeling stuck with their therapist and needing a change, I also work with therapists closely so they can transition back to you and your work together after a Retreat. 

Here's how it could work...

  1. Reach out to me at [email protected] to gauge if your couple is appropriate for a Private Retreat. (No need for a Release just yet, we will keep it generic, for now). If we deem a Retreat appropriate...

  2. Be transparent with the couple - discussing with them how movement has stalled in therapy and you are worried that without a "boot camp" or "kick in the rear" you fear they may plateau and drop out of counseling. (Side note: did you know that most couples drop out of weekly therapy within the first 6 months?)

  3. Share with them this Retreat page and suggest they schedule a no-cost consultation to explore options. (Make sure to have them sign a release on your end so we can discuss specifics should they decide to move forward.)

  4. If the couple determines that a Retreat would be ideal, then I will have them sign a release and you and I will collaborate to design an experience that is both unique and fulfilling to the couple. You can keep seeing the couple for your weekly sessions the entire time. 

  5. The couple will schedule 2-5 days of marathon counseling -online or in person- which includes an entire Gottman Assessment Process (If the couple plans to continue working with you, I will provide a detailed written report to you). 

  6. After the Retreat, I schedule a follow up with the couple approximately 2-4 weeks later. At this point, we will explore an ongoing Treatment Plan. (If the couple will transition back to you, it is sometimes helpful to have you in on this session - if not, I will be sure to coordinate with you to fill you in on my recommendations and determine how I can support you and the couple). 

It's that simple! 

As long as our calendars align, scheduling a retreat can take about 14 days from their first consultation to Day 1 of their Retreat. In just a few weeks, they receive more than 6 months of therapy. Often leaving with clear direction and a renewed sense of "we can do this." 

If a Retreat seems too daunting to the couple, here are a couple variations to consider:

Assessment & Analysis:

This is when you, their primary, refer them to get specialized blood work and x-rays/scans (metaphorically, of course!) to get a detailed look at what's going on underneath. 

Here the couple completes a thorough scientific Assessment Process that includes three 90-min sessions (typically scheduled in one 5-hour session). Please note - this is the same assessment process that is included in any Retreat. The final 90-minutes includes assessment feedback and treatment planning. This option is ideal when you need a specialist or a second opinion. I will coordinate with you throughout the couple's experience and provide detailed suggestions for both you and the couple. In fact - I would love for you to join the final 90-min if possible! Both you and your couple will receive a detailed report and tailored suggestions on how to achieve their relationship goals and needs. 

Recommend a Couples Workshop:

Attending the Gottman Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop has been shown to be equivalent to 6 months of therapy and produces positive results for 94% of participants. The couple gets incredibly valuable psycho education, tangible and manageable exercises to implement, as well as some personalized support, if desired. This is a great tool for couples on your waitlist or those that need a change of scenery as they work on their relationship. 


In some instances, I am happy to provide co-therapy during the retreat. I will lead throughout the process, but having you attend can provide accountability, insight, and you have a front row seat in their work (versus a 20 minute phone call update). I will lean on you at strategic points during the retreat and we will collaborate throughout the process. There will likely be times I lean on your expertise as well. This option is ideal for deeply traumatized couples, those that desire more thoroughness and less interruption to their treatment. 

The couple is responsible for my full fee, and you are able to request a fee for your time and service from them as well. The final decision on Co-Therapy is up to the couple. 


Think you have a couple that could benefit from a personally tailored, highly customized Retreat experience?
Shoot me an email at [email protected] to brainstorm!


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