The first step in any counseling journey is a full assessment process.    (Looking for the Limited Assessment?)

You wouldn't go to a surgeon and say  "my heart hurts, cut me open," without the surgeon first doing an immense amount of scans, bloodwork, x-rays, etc. This is to ensure minimal intrusion into your body and the best chance for successful treatment. This also allows the surgeon to recommend the most appropriate service and to design a tailored approach to treatment - providing you the best chance for a successful outcome.

The same is absolutely true for counseling for yourself, your family unit, and for your relationship. SCS utilizes scientific and research based assessments to gather the necessary insights to customize your treatment specifically to you and your needs. 

While this does mean that "treatment" might be delayed during the assessment process, the bonus is that completion of this in-depth assessment process has been shown to reduce the length of overall treatment. Plus, SCS has designed a condensed assessment process for couples where the typical 3-4 week process can be completed in a single day, thus fast-forwarding to the treatment phase. 

Couples Assessments

For all couples services, a Basic Assessment is required (included in Private Retreats). 

Basic Assessment Bundle

  • 30-min Consultation Zoom Call
  • Gottman Connect Online Questionnaires 
  • 4-6 hours of therapist time 
    • (analyzing questionnaires, prepping, planning and designing your custom experience)
  • 4.5 hours of Sessions
    • (1) 90-min Couples Session
    • (2) 45-min Individual Sessions
    • (1) 90-min Feedback and Planning Session
  • Written Report 
    • detailing strengths and growth areas as well as other scientific metrics
  • 100+ pages of materials and resources ($500 value)

To keep the assessment process more affordable, SCS only requires and provides the necessary basics. If you would like a deeper look into your relationship and additional resources at your disposal, you can upgrade to the Advanced or Complete Assessment Package. You may also add these services a la carte.
Details below.


Additional Option: Limited Assessment ($500) 
Additional Option: Limited Assessment + Gottman Love Lab ($750)

A Limited Assessment process may be available for the following couples: 1) couples wanting to get the most out of their workshop, 2) couples requesting minimal premarital work, 3) couples who are approved to complete brief therapy or a 1-Day Retreat (mainly support on one topic/issue), 4) couples who have completed a workshop and qualify for #3, or 5) couples who have completed a retreat previously and are wanting a fresh look into their relationship or some additional relationship work

Here you will complete the Gottman Connect Assessment online questionnaire and we will schedule one 60-min session to review the assessment information. During the session you will be given a written report and some suggestions for your relationship. The Limited Assessment is not available for couples wanting to complete a retreat or weekly work. If you have completed a Limited Assessment and desire to complete a Retreat or weekly sessions, you will be asked to complete the Basic Assessment. 

Optional Assessment Upgrades: a la carte

Gottman Connect Love Lab Experience 
($500 value)  Your cost - $250

With the Love Lab Experience, you will be asked to submit video recordings of a 10-min conversation. The Love Lab algorithm is able to provide a deeper analysis of your relationship dynamics based on this brief conversation and your interpretation of this. You will receive additional scientific metrics in your written report and your therapist will be able to fine-tune your experience even more.  

Supplemental Assessments: Individuals
($400 value)  Your cost - $300

All of the assessments in the Basic Package are geared towards the couple. Completing these individual questionnaires (300+ questions) provides valuable insights into your behavior, personality, and mental health. This information is used to further clarify aspects of treatment. 

Gottman Relationship Builder
($520 value)  Your cost - $250

The Builder is a collection of role-playing exercises and valuable videos designed to improve your relationship and to greatly minimize chances of relapse. this powerful system of proven interventions covers all aspects of the Gottman Method: friendship, intimacy, knowing your partner, how you manage emotions and conflict, and more!

Once you invest in the Builder, you will have access to this indefinitely and can go back time and time again. The Builder will also make your sessions more effective helping to reignite the spark faster. 

Art & Science of Love Workshop

Equivalent to 6 months of weekly therapy, attending this workshop will provide you with a wealth of information, tools, and momentum in your relationship. Doing so prior  to a Private Retreat reduces the amount of time we spend on education and has been shown to deepen the experience and produce greater results. Attending in-person is ideal, though if timing doesn't work out, consider completing the on-demand version. The On-Demand version is a recorded presentation from John & Julie Gottman of their Art & Science of Love workshop. Completing this workshop online or in-person is not required, though it is highly recommended as doing so can greatly impact your treatment. We will spend less time on psycho-education and more time diving deeper into your relationship needs and goals. 


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