Mission & Values


- Helping to Build, Maintain, and Repair Lasting Relationships - 

Smithey Counseling Services, LLC was founded in 2012 by me! Dr. Adam R. Smithey. You can read the origin story here, but the short story is simple - this is the best place I felt I could make a real impact...to change the world...one relationship at a time. Our world, our nation, our communities, and our families are hurting. Growing more distant and isolated the more "connected" we become. I may not be in the position to snap my fingers and change the world, but I truly believe I can change the world, your world, by strengthening and empowering our closest, most meaningful relationships. 

I am dedicated to always learning and improving, striving to use the most advanced research and practices to enact my mission. It is my goal to enhance relationships for individuals, couples, and families - across race, religion, class, culture, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. We all deserve to experience love. I am also committed to strengthening therapists through trainings, supervision, and education - empowering the next generation of therapists so more and more of us can change the world together. 


Help for Couples

There have been some great pioneers in the world of couples therapy and research. Drs. John & Julie Gottman, Dr. Bill Doherty, Dr. Sue Johnson, and countless others. No. I do not consider myself an equal by any means - but I do learn from these pioneers, seeking understanding and wisdom - even seeking the highest level of trainings (becoming certified) - so that I can synthesize all that information and present it to couples in a way that resonates and fosters growth and connection. 


Help for Parents/Families

One of my passions is to take this relationship research and apply it to non-romantic relationships such as helping parents and families. Whether it's helping new parents adjust to life with their bundle of joy, supporting parents connecting with their teenagers, or even reconnecting adult siblings and families. Family is one of the most important relationships we have. If done well, family helps shape us during important development years, helps us define expectations for future relationships, and family can also provide safety and comfort throughout the lifespan. 


Help for Individuals 

While almost everything on my website is geared towards couples and relationships - there is one crucial relationship we have with our self. Whether an individual needs support and guidance with their love and understanding of themselves, or an individual desires to enhance their romantic relationship but for whatever reason must do it on their own - individuals sometimes feel powerless in the systems they belong. Every relationship matters. 


Training for Mental Health Professionals

Couples currently enter marriage with a 50% chance of failure. Faced with these difficult challenges, many seek a scientifically sound approach to help them understand and strengthen the weak areas in their partnership. Part of my dream  is to empower therapists to provide this help to couples and families. To achieve this, I help train the current and the next generation of therapists through supervision, consultation, and education. Additionally, I present accredited trainings and education events to further the field of relationship therapy. 


One of my greatest frustrations is when I hear a potential client say they are on a 3-month waitlist. Regardless if it is for heart surgery, home building, or therapy - it often feels hopeless waiting that long for help. I may not be able to predict my future schedule, but I strive to remain accessible. What does that means for you? When possible, I will return your email within 24-48 hours and meet you within the first week of contact for your initial consultation (don't call me though - I rarely answer!). I pride myself on being available - working the hours you need (including nights, weekends, and holidays) and providing a plethora of different services and at different price points. Even if you are hesitant, reach out! I will work with you to find a service that fits your relationship, scheduling, and  financial needs. 


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