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Couple's Workshops& Intensive Retreatswith Indiana's firstCertified Gottman Couples Therapist
Couple Therapy Session

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SCS is proud to announce that Dr. Smithey is Indiana's FIRST Certified Gottman Therapist!


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Don't wait until tomorrow - have a stronger, happier relationship today!

Have you ever felt like you were just getting warmed up when the therapist said "times up." Many couples who have come to us for intensive couples weekend retreats and workshops have expressed similar frustration. Working on a relationsip deserves the luxury of time, space, focus, and depth. It should not be rushed or confined to 45 minutes. In order to get to the heart of the matter, to really dive deep into your truths and begin to heal together, enough time must be made available. 

Couple's Workshops

The perfect way to enhance your relationship, workshops for couples are short term (1 or 2 days). We offer semi-private workshops (limited to 5 couples) as well as larger workshops. Whichever option you prefer, our workshops will bring you closer together, help you to understand and connect with each other on a different level, and empower you to grow your relationship to meet your goals. 


Couple's Weekend Retreats

Created for couples who are motivated to improve their relationship, but don't want to spend 6+ months going to weekly appointments. Our Couple's Retreats are designed to condense 6+ months of counseling into one weekend while using leading edge science, research, and approaches. Don't waste time every week driving to and from some stuffy office waiting weeks or months for results: get the awareness and know-how to feel closer to your partner now. 



SCS was once asked to take everything that encompasses a Weekend Retreat, but make it less intense. From that request, the Mini-Marathon was born. Similar in process, time, and cost, the only difference with the Mini-Marathon is that it is spread over 3-5 (weekly or consecutive) weeknights.


Discernment Counseling

For the best outcomes, Retreats and Mini-Marathons are designed for the couple that is motivated to put in the work to get their relationship where they want to be. What if one partner is undecided or unmotivated? While discernment counseling is not relationship counseling, it is designed to help each partner determine if working on the marriage is an option. Discernment sessions are short term (1-5 sessions). Not ready to commit to working on yourself and your relationship? Can you commit to finding out if you want to or not?


Standard (Weekly) Sessions

When our custom packages just don't meet your needs, SCS occasionally has openings for more traditional (weekly) sessions. These sessions serve couples, individuals, and families with a variety of concerns, including addictions, depression, grief, empowerment, motivation and life coaching, and more. We offer 45, 60, and 90 minute sessions both home-based and/or online. Though, based on research and practice, 90 minute sessions are ideal for best outcomes as well as a cost savings to you.




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