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Have you ever felt like you were just getting warmed up when the therapist said "times up." Many couples who have come to us for intensive couples weekends and retreats have expressed similar frustration. Working on a relationsip deserves the luxury of time, space, focus, and depth. It should not be rushed or confined to 45 minutes. In order to get to the heart of the matter, to really dive deep into your truths and begin to heal together, enough time must be made available. 

Is this Couples Intensive Weekend or Retreat right for you?

  • Do you find yourselves getting stuck in the same argument over and over (most couples have the same argument their entire marriage!)?
  • Does it feel like you and your partner are on different pages, or want different things?
  • In some areas, are your needs unmet? Do you feel unsatisfied and long for more?
  • Would you love to have tools and insights to help move through conflict more easily and quickly?
  • Could your relationship benefit from a deeper connection?
  • Do you keep hoping your partner will change?
  • Do you feel resentful, frustrated, angry or discouraged in your relationship?
  • Would you love to understand why you or your partner (re)act a certain way?
  • Are some topics like sex or money uncomfortable to talk about or avoided altogether?
  • Would you love to have more fun together?
  • Do you unofficially keep score of how things go wrong?
  • Has there been a recent affair or are you attracted to other people?
  • Do you wish you could communicate with each other more effectively?
  • Are you long overdue for a weekend to solely focus on your love?

And Finally...

  • Are you ready to see your relationship grow toward the potential you know is there? 



Since 2012 I have been providing intensives to compliment a daily practice. Now, I have teamed up with Couple's Therapy, Inc to provide intensives in the Midwest! My intensives and retreats are for all couples who are invested in making their relationship better. The intensive provides the time to work in specific areas that are problematic for both of you, and develop and refine skills for new and more productive ways of relating.

The intensive is equivalent to nearly 6 months of weekly sessions of marriage counseling.

Whether you are recovering from an affair or another betrayal, have day-long fights, or are just cold and distant you can benefit from this couple's intensive.

Have one of you moved out or considering divorce? Are you willing to give this relationship 'one last shot?' Do you 'love' each other just don't feel 'in love?'

This intensive is for you .


Call or email today for a free consultation to see how Smithey Counseling can assist you in this stage in your life.



"When we first started Smithey Counseling Services, I thought my partner and I were pretty good at communicating.  After the end our sessions,
I cannot believe how much we have deepened our conversations and trust with one another.  We have both learned so much and had such a great experience,
it was a little sad when we had to acknowledge we were ready to be on our own!  Thank you Smithey Counseling Services!!" Julie S.

"The 2-day intensive saved our relationship. No way weekly sessions would have accomplished that goal." Matt T.  

"I prayed and asked God to send me "THE BEST" therapist for me and my situation, and He sent ADAM!!!!! God got it right as He always does! :-)" Cathy. C.

"He's very good at his chosen profession, I feel fortunate to have found his practice." Tracey S.

"This has been the most positive counseling experience I've ever had." Michelle C.


"I don't have any criticisms to share. I have talked to several counselors and Adam is one of the best: Professional yet warm, like talking to a friend but knowledgeable and insightful. He kept me on track and helped me get to the heart of things." Jim S. 


"Thank you Adam for everything! I use many of the skills you gave me to apply to new situations that I encounter." Amy F.

" I think Adam was great. I rate him a 1 of 10 million." Tyler W.


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