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Couple's Workshops& Intensive Retreatswith Indiana's firstCertified Gottman Couples Therapist
Couple Therapy Session

Overcoming Pandemic Pitfalls

Love in an Unprecedented Time


How couples can avoid Pandemic Pitfalls 

COVID-19, social distancing, school closings, and economic struggles all have been playing a part and plaguing many relationships with new, unforeseen challenges. 

You are not alone. 

To help couples not only survive, but thrive, in this time of uncertainty, I have developed a short-term (4 sessions) process to help stay connected, overcome your unique pandemic challenges, and hopefully get you to the other side of this even stronger than before.
Skip the assessments and dive right in:
This process allows you to avoid the 10+ hour assessment process and we get right to the heart of your current concerns. You immediately learn research-based and science-backed ways to connect and repair. 

Two Options:

Private - We will schedule four private 90-min sessions online via Zoom. Here you will learn and actually apply the various tools with plenty of time for direct guidance and support. Book your private package for only $840 by emailing adam@smitheycounseling.com (regularly $1,120) or clicking here.

Small Group - I will be hosting four small-group learning sessions online via Zoom. No Private Sharing or Group Discussion. You are welcome to join by camera, or leave the camera off and stay in your PJs.  You can purchase and attend just one session, or you can save by attending all four. (Each session is $50, all four for $150). 
     Scheduling Options:
           All at Once (Live): Saturday May 9 from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm Book here
           After Bedtime (Live): Four weekly sessions on Wednesdays from 8-9pm (5/6, 5/13, 5/20, 5/27) Book here

What You'll Learn:

The Rules of Engagement - Learn to recognize, manage, and repair the Four Horsemen (criticism, defensiveness, contempt, stonewalling), as well as flooding and break-rituals. This will allow you to have more agreeable conversations, and quickly repair conflict in the moment. 

The Stress Reducing Conversation - This will allow you to create an emotionally safe place for you partner to vent, gossip, and as a result, will foster deeper understanding and connecting with each other. 

Aftermath of a Fight - Regrettable moments happen. Though there is always something you can learn from them. This tool helps you repair your hurts and learn from these moments to make future regrettable moments a little less regrettable. 

State of the Union and Magic 6 Hours - What if I told you it only takes 6 hours a week (3.5% of your life) to foster deeper connection in your relationship? A beautiful recipe for prioritizing your relationship during this time of chaos. 

Additional Options to Improve Your Relationship:

Private Counseling Retreats and Marathons
Private retreats and marathons are a terrific way to condense more than 6 months of counseling into as little as 2-3 days. Ideal for repairing deep wounds and/or building a stronger future. Currently, all marathons are scheduled online - enhance your marriage from the comfort of your own couch, coffee, and pajamas! Due to increase in demand, SCS has opened numerous dates. View available dates and book your weekend now! Please email adam@smitheycounseling.com if you wish to book a 3-night marathon. 

Couples Workshops 
The next Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop is scheduled for May 30-31 in Indianapolis. Currently, we plan to hold this workshop as planned, in person. All indicators point to the Governor beginning to loosen social distancing requirements in May. However, if we are forbidden from holding this workshop, it will be held online. Book here