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Discernment Counseling

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Get a full description on Discernment Counseling from the developers of the model by clicking the image or reading on below. 

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Discernment counseling is for those couples where one partner is unsure if they are committed to truly work on their marriage. Unlike couple's counseling, discernment does not expect improvement in your relationship. Rather, before signing up for expensive treatment options, discernment counseling is designed to help each parter determine if you want to work on your marriage.

Leaning-In vs. Leaning-Out

There are typically two types of partners. Leaning-In Parnters are typically those ready to commit to counseling and may be the driving force for the couple to repair their partnership. Leaning-Out Partners are the partner that says things like "It's too late," or may have already taken action to separate or divorce. 

Short Term

Discernment Counseling is designed to be short term (1-5 sessions). At the completion of each session you will be asked if you desire another discernment session. Discernment sessions are completed at the end of the five sessions (or before) when you have determined a path to take...

Three Paths

Path 1: Decide to keep the status quo - stay the same and decide later,

Path 2: Make an informed, ideally mutual decision to end your relationship - a constructive divorce, or

Path 3: Choose to reconcile by committing to work on your marriage through counseling and other means.

What's Next?

Path 1: We discontinue Discernment Counseling. You return to your daily lives and reach out if and when you would like to take further action (reentering discernment counseling, or jumping to Path 2 or 3).

Path 2: If you are married, SCS can refer you to trusted mediators that can assist you in the collaborative divorce process. Additionally, SCS offers Separation Counseling that aims to support you in the process of separating. These standard sessions aim to ease the transition by focusing on coparenting, respect in parting, etc. We have numerous clients that have decided to divorce but continue to run a daily business together. These things are possible when you remain mutually respectful and collaborative. 

Path 3: You commit to work on your marriage by signing up for one of our Couple's Counseling Packages (Intensives, Mini-Marathons, or Workshops). 


The first session is 120-min at $350

Sessions 2-5 (if needed) are 90-min each at $280.


Contact SCS directly for further information or to schedule your first Discernment Counseling session.