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Couple's Workshops& Intensive Retreatswith Indiana's firstCertified Gottman Couples Therapist
Couple Therapy Session

Certified Gottman Therapist

Dr. Adam Smithey is Indiana's


Certified Gottman Therapist


What does this mean for you?

Dr. Smithey expertly provides highly specialized services that you can't find anywhere within 200 miles of Indianapolis!


What's so special about counseling and workshops from a Certified Gottman Therapist (CGT)?

In nearly 20 years of training, there are fewer than 300 CGTs worldwide! This number includes those that have retired or are no longer practicing. CGTs go through an extensive training and consultation program that consists of:

  • 50+ hours of training,
  • 100+ hours of Gottman Method Couples Therapy,
  • Approx. 10+ hours of direct consultation with a Master Certified Gottman Therapist, 
  • An exhaustive video submission review process to demonstrate mastery of the Gottman Method, and
  • Can potentially take up to 4+ years to obtain!


What is Gottman Method Couples Therapy (GMCT)?

In short, GMCT is a therapeutic approach that is based on the 40+ years of research with over 3,000 couples by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. GMCT focuses on three primary goals to help you achieve yours:

  1. Build and tend to the friendship and respect in your relationship
  2. Manage conflict with empathy and greater self awareness
  3. Make your dreams and admirations come true for you, your partner, and your relationship

You can read more about the Gottman Research here and learn all about the Gottman Method for Healthy Relationships by click the image below: