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Assessment Bundle


To complement our in-person assessment portion of your intensive, we also use written assessments to extensively examine various components of your relationship. Almost everything you need to know can be answered by addressing the five W's:


You and your partner will individually complete an assessment bundle. Individually means that you will be asked to NOT share or compare answers. It is vitally important that you have the respect and security knowing that you and your partner can answer truthfully. Do this on your own time. No need to complete the entire bundle at once: do a page here, a few more there. The important thing is that you are able to complete the assessment when in a baseline emotion - meaning do not complete the bundle when extremely angry, for instance. 


The Assessment Bundle is a compilation of various research and evidenced based assessment tools. The foundation of the assessment bundle is the Gottman Assessment Packet - derived by John and Julie Gottman and designed to assess a wide array of compatability, satisfaction, conflict styles, intimacy, perpetual problems, family history, and a number of other important aspects of "master couples." The Gottman Assessment Packet is complimented by relational, personality and diagnostic inventories designed or inspired by Gary Chapman, PhD (author of The 5 Love Languages), the American Psychiatric Association (APA), Douglas Snyder, PhD (designer of the Marital Satisfaction Inventory - Revised), among other independent and focused researchers. In all, there are hundreds of questions designed to paint a full picture of you and your relationship.


You wil be asked to complete this Assessment Bundle and return to your therapist no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled start of your sessions. It doesn't matter when you complete the bundle, all we ask is that you are calm, are not immediately distracted, and are able to return in a timely manner. We ask for the bundles to be returned two weeks prior to your weekend so that we ensure that we have enough time to delve deep in scoring, analyzing, and interpreting your answers. This also gives us enough time to reach out if we have questions or if you forgot to complete a specific section.

While we will not generally discuss your precise responses in front of you and your partner, we will present our findings during the Feedback Session of your intensive. 


Unfortunately, we do not currently have an online version. However, we do have two different ways for you to obtain the assessment bundle.

First, we will happily mail both you and your partner a print/bound copy of the assessment bundle with return postage.

The second place to get the assessment bundle is through a PDF download that we will send to you via email once payment is confirmed. You must print the PDF file and complete. You can then scan and email back to us or you can send via USPS. 


Perhaps the most often asked, and the most important question. The answer is simple: We want to offer you a unique, inspiring, and worthy weekend intensive experience. To do that, we must know as much as possible about you and your relationship. It is true that every single question could be answered in session, but why waste your precious time and money when we have compiled valid and credible, research-based assessment tools to streamline the process. When we do get face-to-face, we want to spend as much time in the treatment phase as possible. 

When we combine the written assessments with the face-to-face interviews, we can confidently say that you have completed one of the more extensive, scientifically sound assessment processes around. You deserve nothing less. 


How much, that is. The cost of the assessments alone is $600. Assessments are included for those purchasing a Couple's Intensive or Mini-Marathon package.

The cost of the assessment bundle primarily covers the time we take to carefully address each and every response. Additionally, some of the assessments we use come with costs to cover our rights to use the assessment. 

Still have questions? Schedule a free consultation so that we can answer your questions.